Tearless Teething



His skin had completely cleared, it’s amazing
My son has extremely bad eczema, we have been to doctors, specialists and hospital with it. When a client of mine said about these necklaces I thought it was going to be a waste of money but I was at the point were I would try anything and as my son was only 6 Months old I had to try as he was so miserable! Well 3 wks after the necklace was put on his skin had completely cleared, it’s amazing, it’s even recommended to three of my clients who have psoriasis and there’s has now cleared or clearing I’ve now bought one for myself! It sounds strange how a necklace can help, but it is truly amazing! Thanku!

She never cried when she was teething
This necklaces really work!
We got our first one when our third baby was 6 months old, and she never cried when she was teething. When the lady told me we needed to change the necklace three or four months later I personally didn`t believe it.

But after those 4 months she really started to cry as the necklace needed to be replace. Then we got a second one, and she really stop suffering the pain. It really works, now she is having her molars we need to get another one!

It worth it every pence of it!

Paola Terrazas, Surrey

I was truly at breaking point

When I first came across this website, I was truly at breaking point. My teething 8 month old baby was in a huge amount of pain that conventional medicines weren’t helping. He was also running aproximately 2 tempratures a week and I was very unhappy that the GP’s couldn’t do anything to help. My baby was so unhappy, it was making everyone in the house unhappy, including my 4 year old who I could barely spare 5 minutes for because the baby had become so demanding! My first thought when I found this website was genuine disbelief. There’s no way something this simple could help. But I had no other options left so I bought one of the necklaces. I put it on my baby as soon as it arrived (very quickly thank goodness) and we just waited. That night, he slept all the way through the night for the first time in 2 months and within 48 hours of wearing this simple necklace I had myself a completely different baby!!! OH MY GOSH, my baby is so lovely now!! He sleeps at night again, he has not had one temperature since the necklace arrived, no teething symptoms at all – and he has cut 5 more teeth since it was put on and he has breezed through them all. Interestly, my son suffered from the Gastro Reflux problem as a tiny baby and was on medicine in his formula to help with the tummy acids by 5 weeks old! Made me think there may be a connection – my eldest child didn’t suffer with tummy acids and he had no trouble teething at all. But really, this necklace has turned my family around – and people that know my son have seen the change in him and cannot believe what a lovely little lad he is. I will not ever be without this necklace until all his teeth are through!

Hope this helps, and I genuinely mean every word written, this necklace really really has turned my house around!

Kind regards,
Helen Dawson

“I purchased necklaces for my two sons after seeing the advert in the NCT magazine. I was dubious whether I would actually see any results but figured it was worth a try as, if nothing else, they just would look nice. However, whether it was coincidence or not, my 3 year old’s eczema has been the most under control it has ever been through the entire summer (when it’s normally at its worst), and I haven’t had to use any creams on him at all – bliss, for him and me! My youngest was just 5 months and had been drooling like crazy because he had already cut 3 teeth. The next 5 teeth appeared the following month with much less of a waterwall effect – something I don’t think I appreciated fully until the effects of the necklace wore off and the down pour resumed. Quick send me some more! ;o)”

Saved from my migraines

I ordered a necklace from you a couple of months ago and WOW! I have chronic headaches/migraines and since I have been wearing my necklace I haven’t took nearly as much medicine for them as I used to. This has actually surprised me and my husband but this morning was the biggest surprise I could’ve imagined. I had taken my necklace off a couple of days ago because it was bothering me with all the layers of clothes I was wearing and then I woke up at 3 this morning hurting so bad I couldn’t see straight. My sinuses felt like they were going to explode if I moved wrong and my head hurt so badly I couldn’t even sit up long enough to put my make up on. My husband came in there and said, “I think you should put your necklace back on and leave it be. I was really amazed at how much it has really been helping me. Thank you Tearless Teething !!!!!!

Orla Aberdeen Scotland

Diana cracked hands

After having tried all kinds of products for my dry, cracked hands I was quite discouraged, because nothing seemed to help. I found out about Hazelwood necklaces through a friend who had bought it for her baby girl. I learned that it helps people with skin problems and I decided to give it a try. Within 2 weeks I noticed a big difference. Now, almost 1 year later, my hands are healed, but I still wear the necklace just because it looks great.

Diana Shropshire

Within 24 hours he has never had a bad teething day since

Hi there,

I originally saw your ad in the NCT Gen Magazine, and literally ordered the same day…. I’ve never been more pleased with a baby product (I have 3 children – 1 19 year old, a 3 year old and a 17 month old), and just wanted to let you know ūüôā

After ordering your baby necklace in December due to my little one suffering terribly with teething, within 24 hours he has never had a bad teething day since (this is even with cutting all 4 molars at once within the last month!). My friends were so impressed that I gave them your details and they have bought them for their little ones as well, and they have all been amazed at how quickly the necklaces seem to work for them, and none of us has had to use ointments, pain relievers etc. with our youngest children since using the necklaces.

In addition, I have just ordered a necklace and bracelet for my husband who suffers with rheumatoid arthritis, and we are hopeful that in addition to his medication this might help alleviate some of his pain as well…. I’ll keep you posted.

All the best,
Cheri Benson

Not had any of the uncomfortable stinging

I have suffered since being in my teens with regular bouts of Cystitis and
then about two years ago was diagonsed with Instercital Cycitis which is
caused by high acidity levels in the body. I heard about these hazelwood
necklaces through the internet and tried one. After about two weeks of
wearing my very pretty braclett I realised that I had not had any of the
uncomfortable stinging feelings that I was so used too, I can only put this
down to the bracelet as I have tried everything else. I would recommend
everyone to wear one for general health. Thank you TearlessTeething

Clare Fyrer, Bucks

Low and behold peace was restored

I originally found out about these necklaces in Canada in 2006 I have twins
and teething time was getting a bit fractious to say the least . The
dribbling was quite grim and the irritability was at times unbearable for us
all. I would have tried anything, to my amazement after about 3-4 days the
dribbling stopped, shortly followed by a huge deacrease in their
irritability and life generally become easier. I realised that my sons
necklace was missing after we went swimming and his symptoms returned very quickly luckily I had a spare one in pink for my daughter so we put that on him immediatly and low and behold peace was restored, luckily we can now get hold of these in the UK and Europe. The children that are the face of the product are actually my children and I would encourage and recommend any parents that is facing Teethin time.

Sam Maxwell, London

Better since I have been wearing the bracelet

Since I have been wearing the bracelet, I have tried to be open-minded about it but I certainly feel that I am taking less indigestion tablets than I would normally, especially at night.

My digestion has certainly been better since I have been wearing the bracelet and especially on these business trips which involve lots of flying and rushing around when I usually get problems.
My eczema has not been cured but the edge has been taken off it reducing the symptoms which allows me to believe that one day, having fought it for over 30 years, I may get it under control.

Many Thanks Tearless Teething

Dr Jennie-Litten Brown – Reading University

**The following testimonials are translated from French and taken from Pur Noisetier’s French language Testimonial page. The translation was done textually from the French Version.***

I did not realise how much it really helped

I purchased my first necklace when my daughter was 6 months old and had one tooth already. I figured better safe then sorry! I did not realise how much it really helped until recently. 18 months later, with all her teeth in (never having had drooling or diaper rash problems)her necklace broke. I figured, why bother buying another when all her teeth are in? That thought process lasted for all of 1 week. I soon decided that I had seen enough nappy rash to last me a lifetime and rushed out to purchase my second necklace. My father has purchased one, for his ulcer and upset stomach, and I am considering buying one for my husband and one for myself. Boy, am I glad I went with the “Better safe then sorry” theory.

De Francine C. le 11/9/2003. Pays: Canada Région: St-Hubert

Away from home and unable to confort her

While travelling to Quebec last December, my 5 month old daughter started crying in a shopping mall. Away from home and unable to confort her, I ran into a pharmacy and saw the Pur Noisetier necklaces. I had heard of them through some Quebec mommie friends, but was not sure they would work. But I had nothing to lose so I put the necklace on and off I went. Although I had been giving homeopathic medicine to my daughter every day for the past month, from the day she wore the necklace, I did not have to give her any more. I told my friends about it and converted a bunch of them to Pur Noisetier Hazelwood necklaces! Thanks.

Anne McConnell

A firm believer in this necklace

This necklace works wonders! When I saw this necklace I thought how can this possibly work? It must be a gimmic. With hesitation I bought one when I was up visiting my parents. My son has been wearing it everyday since we got it. To my surprise with him going through the teething process he is not drooling, and we have yet to experience a diaper rash with him. I am a firm believer in this necklace, and I will definetely be using on for our other children. Thanks for your wonderful product!

De Sharon le 10/8/2003. Pays: √Čtats-Unis R√©gion: Georgia

The bracelet helped a friend

Looking forward to trying your product and am excited to give the braclets out as gifts for my entire familly for christmas. Have heard how the bracelet helped a friend of mine with acne.

Stinner, Ktty

Miracle for her teething pain

I wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU! My mom, Cecile Sirois bought two of the baby necklaces for my girls and they worked like a miracle for her teething pain.

Thank you once again for your wonderful products!

The day I put the necklace on was the last day her crying stopped

I am the mom of a little baby girl that has suffered colic since birth. As many other mothers, I tried everything there was to try, but with a 3 week old, options are scarce. I did not know what to do and her cries just broke my heart. I heard about Hazelwood necklaces through a friend and went to the drugstore to get one. At this point, I was desperate. The day I put the necklace on was the last day her crying stopped. Even my husband could not believe it! She is now 9 months old and its teething time. Her new Hazelwood necklace is making me very satisfied. I offered some to all my mommy friends. I plan to get pregnant soon, and when I do, I will be wearing a Hazelwood necklace to ease all those pregnancy related problems.

Thanks a bunch!

Ginette Grenier, Les Cedres, Québec

He hardly ever spits up anymore

I recently purchase a Hazelwood necklace for my 5-month-old son. Not only does it help with his teething pain, he hardly ever spits up anymore. Thanks a lot!

Manon, Montreal, Quebec