Tearless Teething

Size Chart

Suggested size

10 1/4 inches 0-3 months for new born or very small babies
11 inches 0-2 yrs
13 inches 2-4 yrs
14 inches 4-10 years
16 inches teenager & adult
18 inches adult
20 inches adult
22 inches adult
24 inches adult special order

  • 11″ = 28 cm (0 – 2 years)
  • 13″ = 33 cm (2 – 4 years)

Make sure the necklace stays under the baby’s chin so tYou should be able to place two fingers between the necklace and the baby’s neck. Parents must supervise children less than 3 years old wearing any necklace. Also, for maximum security, remember to change the necklace every 3 months.hey won’t be able to put it into their mouth.

All sizes are a guideline only.  Please measure around baby’s neck for exact measurement, allowing one or maximum two fingers room between neck and necklace.  Dont allow it to be too big.