Tearless Teething


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you recommend between a necklace and a bracelet?

If you must make a choice between the two, we recommend wearing the necklace, the reason being that there are more Hazelwood beads on the necklaces. The more Hazelwood in contact with your skin, the better the results you will have. Another option is to get a necklace, and loop it around your wrist twice. Wearing both necklace and bracelet together will maximize the benefits. Try not to remove for longer than 24hrs at a time. We recommend you wear the product closes to the ailment area of your body it will again increase efficiency.

Wearing both necklace and bracelet together will maximize the benefits. And if you chose to remove the necklace for the day, your acidity surplus is still decreasing because of your bracelet. If you have an acidic related ailment that is present in your limbs, wearing a bracelet or anklet closer to the area will again increase efficiency.

How will I know when my necklace is no longer working?

First, you will notice the symptoms returning or you will also see that the extremities of the wood beads have darkened possibly both. This is easy to see. You will then need to get a new necklace because at this stage, the necklace is no longer absorbing acidity. We recommend replacing them. For best results 2-3 months Depending on severity of Symptoms. Sometimes longer.

It is normal that the wood to peel after a while?

It’s normal for the wood to peel after a while. It’s a natural factor. We have no control over that. The wood is natural so can vary in colour some lighter and some darker.

From what age can a baby wear a necklace?

It is at the parents’ discretion. Hazelwood helps with teething, as well as with many other ailments that often bother young babies; bad digestion, and various skin irritations. Therefore as soon as you feel your baby could benefit from Hazelwood, it is possible for your baby to wear one.

Are the baby necklaces safe?

The clasp has been specially designed with children’s safety in mind. For example, if the necklace got caught on a blanket’s threads, the loops on the clasp will open. If you are not comfortable with your baby wearing the necklace at night, another option would be to wrap it around baby’s ankle so they are still getting the benefit of the Hazelwood against their skin. However excessive removal may result in the weakening of the safety clasp.

What size necklace should I chose for my baby’s neck?

The necklace must be of comfortable length for your baby. You should be able to slip your two fingers between the necklace and your baby’s neck. The necklace should not be long enough for your baby to bring the necklace to his/her mouth.

Can we wear the necklace in the shower or the bath?

Yes, Hazelwood does not lose its benefits when in contact with water. However, any water with chlorine will alter the life span and the efficiency of your necklace. We therefore recommend you remove the necklace at the pool.

How can I wear this necklace despite my allergy to metal clasps used with most jewellery?

The products metal is nickel free, You can cover the clasp with a couple of coats of clear nail polish or with a small piece of tape.

Can I wear your necklaces even if I am allergic to nuts?

Hazelwood branches are not in contact with the nuts of the Hazelwood tree. We are particularly careful about this when harvesting the wood. There have been no known allergies reported.