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Welcome to Tearless Teething – Hazelwood Necklaces

                                                          A TEETHING REMEDY






We first heard about these amazing products when my sisters twins were six months old when on a family holiday in Montreal, a lady told us about these wonderful Hazelwood Necklaces. Her baby boy was wearing one of them and told us about the amazing benefits to him whilst he was teething, they helped with associated discomforts during this difficult time for babies and parents.

We immediately took her advise and from the local pharmacy purchased one in pink and one in blue, the twins started wearing them and the effects were almost immediate, to our sheer amazement neither baby had seemed to be showing many symptoms during their teething period.

We decided that we had been so lucky to have found out about this truly incredible product that we wanted to share our knowledge with other parents. The company who manufacture them were founded in Canada and were not known or available in Europe, hence Tearless Teething was founded.

Customers have reported that the Hazelwood products have also shown to be helpful with the well being of the digestive system and certain skin irritations.

Here is what some customers say:

“This teething necklace really, really has turned my house around! Kind regards, Helen Dawson, Wiltshire.”

“I was really amazed at how much it has really been helping me. Thank you Tearless Teething !!!!!!” Orla, Aberdeen, Scotland.

“Hi there, I originally saw your ad in the NCT Gen Magazine, and literally ordered the same day…. I’ve never been more pleased with a baby product (I have 3 children – 1 19 year old, a 3 year old and a 17 month old), and just wanted to let you know 🙂  My friends were so impressed that I gave them your details and they have bought them for their little ones as well. All the best, Cheri Benson”

“I would recommend everyone to wear one… Thank you TearlessTeething” Clare Fyrer, Bucks

“I’ve recommended your product to all my NCT Mummy’s and anyone else that will listen, thank you so
much!” Christina Stobbs

“… whether it was coincidence or not, my 3 year old’s eczema has been the most under control it has ever been through the entire summer”